What is Superfriendly?

Superfriendly is a collection of the best resources for designing & developing for accessibility. Find tools, plugins, articles, and videos that can help you streamline your process and ensure you're building with everyone in mind. If you think we're missing something, go ahead and make a suggestion.

Why did you build it?

Initially this started out as a school project, in an Intercultural Communications class. I like to collect & save links that I might need later, and building a website to store them seemed like a good idea. Since then, Superfriendly has evolved into a side-project that I'd like to continue growing & updating.

Accessibility can be really hard, so having a one-stop shop for every resource you might need is the overall goal of Superfriendly.

Who's behind Superfriendly?

Hi! 👋 I'm Tanner Thelin, a product designer in Utah. I recently closed-up a design studio I started with some friends, and am currently making things at Vivint Solar. My free time is split between playing the piano & video games.

Long-term, I want to make my mark at a large technology company, helping on products that are used by millions of people. I hope to become a world-class designer & developer, and someday spend my free time building my own products & web tools on the side.


This project is a work-in-progress. If you have a suggestion or find a bug, please let me know